Glass Door Beer Fridges

Width: 600mmHeight: 865mmCapacity: 138 litres

Rhino alfresco energy efficient glass door outdoor refrigerator, awesome performance in 40°C+ temperatures. All stainless steel and brand name parts from around the world make this a reliable proven product since 2010, it is our best seller.


Width: 435mmHeight: 690mmCapacity: 68 litres

Popular glass door mini bar fridge fits 72 cans, 68 litres, lockable, this fridge is tropical rated and has a LG compressor, the cool blue light up Schmick logo looks good, the 3 chromed shelves are nice and strong.


Width: 435mmHeight: 690mmCapacity: 68 litres
Best Seller Lockable glass door mini bar fridge, 68 Litre fits approx. 72 x cans, tropical rated and with LG compressor. This unit is Left Hinged and has 3 nice strong chromed shelves.

Width: 600mmHeight: 865mmCapacity: 138 litres

Rhino alfresco energy efficient outdoor refrigerator, Double Low E Glass Door, amazing performance in 40°C+ temperatures, fast chill down rates, brand name parts and the only official outdoor rated units on market.


Width: 760mmHeight: 820mmCapacity: 200 litres

Beer and wine matching refrigerator, The beers side holds 100 cans and the wine side holds 28 bottles of wine, seamless stainless door with lock, quiet running, can be built in and with special LOW E glass to minimise condensation, so popular for kitchens and entertaining area's in the home.


Width: 1200mmHeight: 840mmCapacity: 258 litres

Matching alfresco energy efficient beer and wine fridges made especially for our tough Australian climate. Units are designed to work in 40°C plus temps while keeping drinks at the right temperature. We have used brand name parts from Italy, Germany and Brazil to bring this exciting product to the market since early 2010.


Width: 1200mmHeight: 820mmCapacity: 300 litres

Classy beer and wine combination designed for indoors applications under bench tops with front ventilation. Nice and quiet, stylish looking, well made, both units do 1-18°C and shelves are interchangeable. Units have LOW E glass to help prevent condensation in high humidity.


Width: 600mmHeight: 820mmCapacity: 150 litres

Elegant glass door beer fridge designed for under bench application indoors, Low E glass, nice quiet operation, seamless stainless door, lockable, brand name parts and option for wine shelves if wanted.


Width: 600mmHeight: 820mmCapacity: 150 litres

Elegant 51 bottle wine refrigerator, nice quiet operation designed for indoors and to be integrated under bench tops. Seamless stainless steel doors looks great! Made to last and keep very even temperature throughout.


Width: 380mmHeight: 820mmCapacity: 100 litres

Elegant under bench glass door bar fridge with classy seamless stainless steel door frame and lock. Brand name parts and quiet operation make this a great indoor refrigerator option. Fully adjustable shelves with wood wine ones available on request, units have LOW E glass to prevent condensation in high humidity.


Width: 380mmHeight: 820mmCapacity: 100 litres

Classy 28 bottle wine fridge with which is quiet running and front venting for indoor applications under benches. Units have slide out shelves and flat chromed shelves are available on request if you wanted to store other products like beer and soft drink, the LOW E glass on both panes really help prevent condensation forming.


Width: 597mmHeight: 1945mmCapacity: 430 litres

Our own dedicated design for mixing upright beer and wine combination fridges that can be free standing or built into wall, units are extremely versatile.


Width: 545mmHeight: 855mmCapacity: 130 litres

A beer drinks fridge from Dimplex made to be reliable, see matching wine fridge model DWF45DZ


Width: 900mmHeight: 840mmCapacity: 248 litres

2 door energy efficient outdoor bar fridge, extra cold beer in 40°C+ temperatures. Only unit on Australian market with IP rating.


Width: 750mmHeight: 865mmCapacity: 165 litres

A nice little reliable 2 zone beer and wine bar fridge with electronic control over 2 x seperate zones. A great addition to your indoor entertaining areas.

Currently out of stock - new container arrives end of October.


Width: 600mmHeight: 840mmCapacity: 148 litres

1 door Rhino Envy ultra energy efficient outdoor alfresco bar fridge, extra cold beer in 40°C+ temperatures, 316 stainless steel, quiet, heated glass and excellent warranty, this is our best fridge!