Left Hinge Frdiges

Width: 600mmHeight: 840mmCapacity: 129 litres

Commercial Rhino under bench bar fridge with low E glass, EBM fans,LG compressor, and polished 304 SS interior. Reliable parts mean longevity in applications with high usage.

Out of stock - next container arrives end of November


Width: 600mmHeight: 865mmCapacity: 138 litres

Rhino alfresco energy efficient outdoor refrigerator, Double Low E Glass Door, amazing performance in 40°C+ temperatures, fast chill down rates, brand name parts and the only official outdoor rated units on market.


Width: 600mmHeight: 840mmCapacity: 129 litres

Rhino GSP alfresco glass door outdoor refrigerator, amazing performance, energy efficient in 40°C+ temperatures, amazing chill down rates. Rhino is world wide known for the latest energy efficiency technology.


Width: 600mmHeight: 840mmCapacity: 129 litres

1 Door Rhino Bar Fridge With Triple Glazed LOW E Glass, LG Compressor, EBM Fans and Polished 304 SS Interior, well engineered units.