Dellware Bar Fridges

$1,317.00 $1,277.00
Dellware 50 litre mini freezer with glass door, an extremely reliable product from a world leading manufacturer who does work for Danone, Haagen Das and Nestle. Units have 3 x layers of tempered 4mm glass really helping to prevent condensation (fog) forming.


$507.00 $487.00

Silent mini bar fridge, with width of 350mm and depth of 385mm. It's great for tight applications where 'small' is needed. Dellware are a world renowned brand for these types of units. Great Gamer Fridge!


$567.00 $557.00

Dellware silent solid door mini bar fridge with lock. Designed specially for hotels, motels, homes and accommodation venues the 60 litre unit is a great size to store all your goodies.


$547.00 $527.00

Silent triple glazed Dellware glass door compact mini bar fridge with lock. Designed especially for hotels, motels, Bed & Breakfasts, retirement homes and accommodation venues