Energy Efficient Bar Fridges


Rhino alfresco energy efficient glass door outdoor refrigerator, awesome performance in 40°C+ temperatures. All stainless steel and brand name parts from around the world make this a reliable proven product since 2010, it is our best seller.



Rhino alfresco energy efficient outdoor refrigerator, Double Low E Glass Door, amazing performance in 40°C+ temperatures, fast chill down rates, brand name parts and the only official outdoor rated units on market.



Rhino GSP alfresco glass door outdoor refrigerator, amazing performance, energy efficient in 40°C+ temperatures, amazing chill down rates. Rhino is world wide known for the latest energy efficiency technology.



Rhino alfresco glass door energy efficient outdoor refrigerator, amazing performance in 40°C+ temperatures, ultra fast chill down rates ensure less wear and tear, units are the most energy efficient to run in the world within this class.



Matching alfresco energy efficient beer and wine fridges made especially for our tough Australian climate. Units are designed to work in 40°C plus temps while keeping drinks at the right temperature. We have used brand name parts from Italy, Germany and Brazil to bring this exciting product to the market since early 2010.