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Aquarange products started in 1996, just me, originally selling quality water dispensers from Korea to all the water companies. When this market became saturated and the water industry dipped we moved into glass door bar fridges, that was when Bar Fridges Australia online store was born, so Aquarange now supplies Bar Fridges Australia solely.

We specialize in all styles of glass door bar fridges for both commercial and domestic applications.

Our main aim is to constantly improve our products to ensure that we get longevity. We are constantly testing, re-designing, improving and developing the products to be functional and well performed in the market. There are so many cheap glass door fridges on the market that are the typical 'factory standard' from China. These are generally full of cheap parts that fail prematurely from longer run times and inefficiency causing headaches and after warranty problems for years to come. This is what we really want to stop.

Other important areas we are focusing on is noise levels and energy consumption. This has proven to be the biggest complaint since we began doing fridges in 2007. We now have the most energy efficient under bench glass door bar fridge range in the world (Rhino GSP and new ENVY range arriving December 2016) and can supply quiet fan upgrades for 90% of our models, there has been an amazing response to this unique service.

Our outdoor alfresco Rhino GSP range is now regarded as the best on the market. We have developed the units over 3 years with brand name parts from all over the world and the performance is amazing.

Our return policy is unique and we strive to never leave a customer unhappy.

New homes/kitchens/rumpus rooms/home bars/outdoor kitchens, renovations, alfresco areas, and commercial applications are all markets we supply confidently and efficiently. The range of our quality indoor wine and beer fridges is huge, with many people making a glass door fridge part of their new renovation.

We supply small mini bar fridges for accommodation venues and are were previously an agent for HUSKY commercial bar fridges in Australia, opening up plenty of new doors in the hospitality industry.

Family owned and a small group of hard working friends make up the team, going out of our way is just the normal everyday routine, as long as the caffeine levels are kept up.

I hope you find what you are after, and if by chance you cannot, then please let me know. It may be on our agenda as a possible new product line or improvement. Sometimes just a few more enquiries are all that's needed to turn a concept into reality.

Feel free to contact me anytime on 1300 691 581, or by email at cory@aquarange.com.au

Cory Allan Owner/Director
Aquarange Products

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