Wine And Beer Fridges

Width: 600mmHeight: 840mmCapacity: 129 litres

Rhino alfresco glass door energy efficient outdoor refrigerator, amazing performance in 40°C+ temperatures, ultra fast chill down rates ensure less wear and tear, units are the most energy efficient to run in the world within this class.


Width: 1200mmHeight: 840mmCapacity: 258 litres

Matching alfresco energy efficient beer and wine fridges made especially for our tough Australian climate. Units are designed to work in 40°C plus temps while keeping drinks at the right temperature. We have used brand name parts from Italy, Germany and Brazil to bring this exciting product to the market since early 2010.


Width: 430mmHeight: 740mmCapacity: 64 litres

Low noise mini dual zone wine & beer fridge, holds 8 x bottles wine and approx. 40 cans, very popular. Made for indoor application only, the 'mirror' finish on doors and touch screen controls are good features.


Width: 750mmHeight: 865mmCapacity: 165 litres

A nice little reliable 2 zone beer and wine bar fridge with electronic control over 2 x seperate zones. A great addition to your indoor entertaining areas.


Width: 1194mmHeight: 1900mmCapacity: 860 litres

Stunning beer and wine fridge combination with 3 x zones, quiet running, excellent parts and real warranty. Made to fit all size wine bottles and heaps of beers, over 860 litres of storage.