Commercial Wine Fridges

Width: 1200mmHeight: 820mmCapacity: 300 litres

Under Bench 3 Zone Quiet Running Glass Door Bar Fridge, great for Reds, Whites and Beers.

**Currently Sold Out - Next Shipment due end December**


Width: 430mmHeight: 740mmCapacity: 44 litres

Schmick dual zone 24 bottle mini glass door wine fridge for reds and white wine. Neat little unit that runs nice and quiet, very reliable. Unit has only 1 x small interior fan so its very low noise levels, fine for all indoor area's.


Width: 430mmHeight: 740mmCapacity: 64 litres

Low noise mini dual zone wine & beer fridge, holds 8 x bottles wine and approx. 40 cans, very popular. Made for indoor application only, the 'mirror' finish on doors and touch screen controls are good features.


Width: 600mmHeight: 820mmCapacity: 150 litres

Under Bench twin zone Quiet Running Glass Door Bar Fridge, great for Reds, Whites and shelves available for Beer if needed.


Width: 597mmHeight: 1900mmCapacity: 430 litres

NEW design dual zone wine fridge model with unique shelving and multiple bottle size options.


Width: 760mmHeight: 820mmCapacity: 200 litres

Stunning integrated three zone beer and wine fridge combination for plenty of beverage options, reds, whites and beer.

**Again sold out - next shipment due end October 2017**


Width: 750mmHeight: 865mmCapacity: 165 litres

A nice little reliable 2 zone beer and wine bar fridge with electronic control over 2 x seperate zones. A great addition to your indoor entertaining areas.

Currently out of stock - new container arrives end of October.


Width: 1194mmHeight: 1900mmCapacity: 860 litres

Stunning beer and wine fridge combination with 3 x zones, quiet running, excellent parts and real warranty. Made to fit all size wine bottles and heaps of beers, over 860 litres of storage.