HSV GTSR Maloo branded bar fridge. Great gift idea! Add You Own Number Plate To Door!

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HSV GTRS Maloo branded glass door bar fridge with a unique light up door, looks brilliant, fantastic gift idea. We can add your exclusive number plate to the door image no extra! *Official HSV product. We can do a design without number plate if required.

The fridge is triple glazed and tropical rated so great for your man cave, shed, rumpus or theatre room. *Note - Delivery is app. 7-10 days longer as we brand on order, the light up glass required special perspex to be carved etc.

Some main features are;

  • Triple Glazed Door for proven tropical 38ºC operation (sub tropical ST rated).
  • Lockable.
  • All 304 Stainless door with bar handle looks stylish, unit is RIGHT HAND HINGED, left is available on request.
  • W: 430mm x D: 500mm x H: 700mm, handle is 45mm deep (so total depth 545mm).
  • Pressed metal finish designed to withstand perishing whilst being in open air.
  • Interior fan with coldplate designed with manual 'time' operated defrost for even dispursement of ice build up (25min every 6 hours).
  • Interior fan circulates air well to ensure 'even' temps throughout.
  • Tested over 8Hrs the unit cycled between -1ºC > +1ºC throughout (see attachments page for download), during 20min defrost it only gets to 7ºC max.
  • Rear condensor.
  • Stunning 500mm LED strip lights down both sides of inner door, make it light up and look fantastic, this can be turned off, switch inside fridge for easy access.
  • 3 x HD chromed 'self locking no topple' shelves with 26 x bars wide and 3 deep to ensure no sagging when heavy loads on shelf.
  • 9 x adjustable shelf slots for plenty of drink variation opportunities, 60,75,45,50,50,50,50,50,50mm from bottom up.
  • Designed to fit 4 x layers of cans high, meaning 85 x 375ml cans can fit, that is truly a champion design effort.
  • Made by our longest standing, most reliable factory, we have used our own label (Schmick) so we are not building someone else's brand.
  • 25 kg
  • Excellent special 'Drop Ship' packaging designed so that your fridge is safe even when couriers kick it round like a football at training.


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Product Dimensions



375ml Cans :
Litres (Gross):


  • Indoor Or Outdoor Enclosed Under Cover
Power Consumption :
Noise Level :
Brand Parts Used:
  • High Quality Chinese Compressor
  • High Quality Chinese Bearing Fan
  • Chinese Reliable Transformer

Main Features

Shelving Information:
3 x Chromed shelves (350mm x 350mmD), 1 x bottom shelf (350mmW x 250mmD)