Under Bench Front Venting Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator With Seamless Stainless Framed Glass Door

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    Under Bench Indoor Dual Zone Wine Fridge with two x temperature zones designed to give you plenty of options for wine storage, units have special quiet fans from Austria so they make a nice indoor option.

    Mix and match shelves (if you want), wine and flat beer shelves interchange so you could use this as a beer and wine with top at 2ºC and bottom at 15ºC etc., the options are actually endless in this under bench fridge range.

    The wine shelving is unique as bottles sit on special 'sliding saddles' allowing sideways movement so you can make them fit neat with many different size bottles. Another feature is that shelving can adjust up/down meaning you can alter around to fit fatter bottles etc. Shelving is slide out telescopic style making access easier.

    Sold out - next container due end October.

    Important points

    • Size: W: 380mm x D: 575mm x H: 820mm, 37kg.
    • Front venting and can be integrated under a bench top or into cavities without ventilation, great little unit with plenty of versatility.
    • The fridge has a black body with seamless, stainless steel door frame and stylish stainless bar handle with lock.
    • Adjustable temperature control is 1-18ºC in top section and 8-18ºC in lower (can be altered if needed) on all units.
    • Works in ambient up to 32ºC no problems.
    • 2 x Italian Carel electronic digital display controllers gives an even and very controlled air temperature environment.
    • Dual Zone wine fridge has heater in bottom section, to protect your red wines when ambient temp gets to under your set temperature.
    • Sliding chromed ball bearing telescopic shelves with unique patented sliding saddles.
    • Evaporator made from extra thick copper piping for long life.
    • Self evaporating drip tray system removes excess water.
    • Special LOW E glass helps to reduce condensation on humid days.
    • Quiet, reliable compressor with 12V fan system.
    • Lock fitted to allow cabinet security.
    • There are 4 x shelves holding 5 bottles each (76mm bottle width), and floor can hold 7 bottles (33cm length max.), so 27 bottles is neat fit (10 top, 17 bottom).
    • Air filter fitted helps with humidity.
    • Automatic defrost.
    • Grill height from ground 78mm. Interior LED 'soft' blue lighting on inner roof.
    • Ozone friendly R600A refrigerant.
    • Cyclopentane foaming in walls - 100% ozone friendly.
    • Noise Level: 36-39 Db, Great 12V fans system to minimize noise levels.
    • Power Consumption: 0.85Kwh/24Hrs.
    *This unit is designed to match with the SK151 series. If you have a certain 'width' you need to fit to the SK151 units are 600mm wide, so combining a SK151 and SK101 you would get to 980mm wide, all matching and with so many choices for beer and wine zones. A popular combination is the matching SK101B beer fridge with this Dual Zone Wine SK101D, called the SK151-Combo3.


Model Code:

Product Dimensions



Wine Bottles:
100 litres


  • Indoor
Power Consumption :
Noise Level :
Brand Parts Used:
  • Noctua Silent and Quiet Fans
  • Meanwell Transformer From Taiwan
  • Italian Carel Controller and Sensors
  • High Quality Jiaxipera Chinese Compressor

Main Features

Shelving Information:
4 x full and 1 x half telescopic pull out wine shelves

Other Important Information

Interior Finish:
Black Molded Plastic
Door Finish:
Stainless Steel
Door Opened Depth: