Schmick Tropical Triple Glazed Outdoor Alfresco Glass Door Bar Fridge 70Litre

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Glass Door Bar Fridge Tropical Rated

Made especially for alfresco areas in Australia. The stainless Steel framed, Triple glazed door is lockable. We have designed shelving structure to allow 4 x height of cans, can fit 85 x 375ml inside. This fridge is perfect for that little outdoor BBQ area or that shed or Man Cave environment for a few spare cool ones in times of need.

Some main features are;

  • Size: W: 430mm x D: 500mm x H: 700mm.
  • Triple glazed door for proven tropical 38°C operation (Sub Tropical ST rated).
  • Door Is lockable.
  • All 304 stainless steel door with bar handle looks stylish, unit is LEFT HAND HINGED, see model HUS-SC70-SS for right version.
  • Handle is 45mm deep (so total depth 545mm).
  • Pressed black metal finish designed to withstand perishing whilst being in open air.
  • Interior fan with coldplate designed with manual 'time' operated defrost for even disbursement of ice build up (25 minutes every 6 hours).
  • Interior fan circulates air well to ensure 'even' temperatures throughout.
  • Tested over 8 hrs the unit cycled between -1°C > +1°C throughout (see attachments page for download), during 20minute defrost it only gets to 7°C max.
  • Rear wire condensor.
  • Stunning 500mm LED strip lights down both sides of inner door, make it light up and look fantastic, this can be turned off, switch at rear.
  • 3 x HD chromed 'self locking no topple' shelves with 26 x bars wide and 3 deep to ensure no sagging when heavy loads on shelf.
  • 9 x adjustable shelf slots for plenty of drink variation opportunities.
  • Designed to fit 4 x layers of cans high, meaning 85 x 375ml cans can fit, that is truly a champion design effort.
  • Made by our longest standing, most reliable factory, we have used our own label (Schmick) so we are not building someone else's brand.
  • 25kg.
  • Excellent special 'Drop Ship' packaging designed so that your fridge is safe in courier travels.
  • Brilliant performance inside with temperature, see downloads page to get a close up view of the cycling graph.
  • Quality compressor


Model Code:

Product Dimensions



375ml Cans :
70 litres


  • Indoor (commercial, pub, hospitality)
  • Indoor (Unit is either 'already quiet' OR there MAY be quiet fan upgrade available, ask staff.
  • Outdoor (alfresco or commercial)
Power Consumption :
Noise Level :
Brand Parts Used:
  • High Quality Chinese Compressor
  • High Quality Chinese Bearing Fan
  • Chinese Reliable Transformer

Main Features

Shelving Information:
3 x Chromed shelves (350mm x 350mmD), 1 x bottom shelf (350mmW x 250mmD)

Other Important Information

Colour Body Finish:
Interior Finish:
Molded black
Door Finish:
Stainless Steel
Door Opened Depth:

Warranty Statement (BFA-Warranty-BFA-2015-Brightside-September14.pdf, 52 Kb) [Download]