Rhino Stainless Steel 2 Door Commercial Upright Triple Glass Door Bar Fridge Ultra Energy Efficient

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Rhino Upright Energy Efficient Small Depth 2 Door Commercial Bar Fridge. Triple glazing with tempered LOW E glass to help prevent condensation, also uses heated mullions around frame on body area to stop condensation. Brand parts, 304 stainless steel body and door, lockable, low energy, polished 304 grade S/S inner, LED lights and Green Sense Plus Approved are just a few other features.

  • Designed specifically for Australian alfresco areas, entertaining areas and busy hotel-pub-club businesses.
  • Rhino units achieve Heineken’s top rating for energy efficiency as well as meeting their exacting product performance standards.
  • Chills to 2ºC with ease in 38ºC+ heat.
  • Industrial style for harsh applications, great pub fridge or home entertaining area.
  • 304 Stainless body and door with polished 304 stainless interior
  • Automatic defrost with self evaporating drip tray system.
  • Triple glazed LOW E glass, tempered, the special LOW E glass means humidity levels can get to 75% before fog/water start to appear.
  • Self closing lockable doors.
  • 10 x Special high capacity adjustable 'no topple' shelves, no sagging with all glass bottles loading.
  • We have electrically heated the cabinet front areas where door frame 'meets' fridge which are normally prone to high condensation (water forming).
  • All fans from Germany's best manufacturer, EBM, special energy efficient EC fans that are 70% cheaper to run than normal fans.
  • Quality compressor using R600A natural refrigerant with Zero Ozone Depleting (ODP) and negligible Global Warming Potential (GWP = 3), the gas is Greenpeace authorized.
  • 100% Ozone friendly CYCLOPENTANE foaming in fridge walls.
  • LED lighting (energy saving) for full illumination inside.
  • Taiwanese transformers.
  • Step is 21cm from front and 20cm high.
  • 2 Year parts and labour warranty.

See more on energy saving visit: www.greensenseplus.com.au

A great product from one of the worlds leading manufacturers, "STAYCOLD" in the UK are our official manufacturing partner. Staycold supply products under licence for some of the worlds biggest brands including, HEINEKEN, CARLSBERG, FOSTERS and more! Quality is excellent. http://www.staycold.co.uk/


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Product Dimensions



375ml Cans :
498 litres


  • Indoor Or Outdoor
Power Consumption :
Noise Level :
Brand Parts Used:
  • EBM German Energy Saving EC Fan runs 70% Cheaper
  • Meanwell Transformer From Taiwan
  • Quality China Electronic Controller and Sensors
  • Philips LED Lighting (Same Factory)

Main Features

Shelving Information:
10 x Adjustable Chromed Special 'No Topple' Shelves (500mmW x 355mmD)

Other Important Information

Colour Body Finish:
304 Stainless Steel
Interior Finish:
Polished 304 SS
Door Finish:
304 Stainless Steel
Door Opened Depth: